24 January 2007

Bush's fault — and ours

How many Europeans are cursing Bush and and United States for our gluttonous energy appetite as they are whipped by this latest storm?

Sure, it's weather not climate. But when weather lasts long enough it becomes climate, and the science is clear about climate change. Know that the world is blaming us collectively, not just Bush. On climate change, on the Iraq fiasco, on our balking at working with other nations in joint poverty reduction efforts, on family planning. After 2000, in both France and the Philippines, people seemed more aware than Americans were that Bush was an illegitimate president who had stolen the election and endangered democracy. Since 2004, the world no longer sounds so forgiving.

Europeans — perhaps because their press is less controlled by big business? — have a far better understanding of global climate change, and the U.S.'s obstruction against finding a solution.

The United States needs to act fast and take a leadership role on reducing greenhouse gas emissions — both for the sake of our children and grandchildren, for the polar bears, and for our nation's deservedly tanked reputation.

I'd sure prefer being proud of my country.

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