26 January 2007

Connecticut looks at reform

It looks like Connecticut’s Democrats will unveil a plan in a couple weeks that would expand health insurance programs, covering Connecticut’s 400,000 uninsured and also raise Medicare and Medicaid rates for doctors and dentists. The plan would cost $450 million but could bring new federal funds to the state to cover about half of that. The plan would do this by first expanding eligibility to an existing program that provides coverage to low-income children and adults. That could cover an additional 140,000.
But the Ds also want to assemble a “panel to come up with ways to cover the remaining 260,000 uninsured - typically younger adults with no children who don't qualify for state assistance programs and don't receive insurance coverage from their employers.”
They would “consider ideas ranging from mandated health coverage by employers to a statewide single-payer system.”

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