21 January 2007

Healthcare rationing?

Americans have been desensitized to the idea of healthcare rationing here in the United States. Healthcare rationing means some leftist whining we already have rationing because poor (and increasing numbers of middle class) people already don’t have healthcare. Right?
Wrong. That’s just the beginning. Ask Dr. Clark Huff, a Denver dermatologist who will tell you about having to call the insurer whenever a patient needs a wart removed.
Once they get around to taking his call, someone with, probably, a high school degree will give him the go-ahead. Or not.
How do they decide? And how about when it's melanoma? My guess is that the Saturday special doesn't cover that either, at least until you've reached that $10,000 deductible. Which wouldn't be a problem if you'd been socking away your savings into a Health Savings Account, as George and Laura have no doubt been doing.
Scratch that. They're covered by our tax dollars, something that would be inappropriate for you or me, but works out just fine for the Bushes.
Dr. Huff is now a member of Physicians for a National Health Plan and Health Care for All Colorado — speaking out against our current rationing system and in favor of rationality.
Health rationality.

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