26 January 2007

Why no single-payer?

Try this rant by Joe DeRayond on Counterpunch out for size:
"The health care system of the United States is hostage to the enormous profits distributed to insurance companies, hospital corporations, and drug purveyors. They swarm over the Congress, plying the legislative system with money, "expertise", and favors. Congressmen leave their seats to take jobs with pharmaceutical companies, as did Jim Greenwood of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and Billy Tauzin of the 3rd District of Louisiana."
That would probably do it.


300 Spartans Gym said...

I'm sorry for sort of hijacking this post, but I was wondering if you favor one 2008 hopeful's healthcare plan over another? Some plans are still being drafted, but Edwards, Clinton and Obama have all voiced support for universal healthcare.

SadButTrue said...

Your label gave me the idea of starting a blog called 'eat the rich', and posting recipes and suggestions for side dishes. Unfortunately, some butthead took the name eattherich.blogspot etc. back in 2004, posted one sentence, then abandoned the blog. I've had that happen to me a number of times.

If you do seriously advocate eating the rich, I suggest you make sure they are very well cooked - intestinal parasites can be so inconvenient. I suggest we start on the corporate lawyers and political lobbyists. No-one would miss them.

Kristen Marie Hannum said...

I have heard that the great Khan's first order of business when his Mongol hordes swept into a town was to dispose of the rich.

Simply SOP.

In those days, evidently the rich were parasites, taking more than their due, more than they could possible ever even spend. Of course, our democratic system precludes such a thing from happening now.