18 February 2007

Unruly mobsters

SadButTrue and the rest of the unruly mobsters at Les Enragés have an entertaining layout right now, including this. Those Canadians...

This poster reminds me that in early 2001 Bush said that he saw himself as a president in the mold of Harrison Ford, in Air Force One. And you could see that in the early years, couldn't you? He was like a little boy, strutting around, pretending to be Harrison Ford pretending to be a macho president.

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SadButTrue said...

Just FYI Kristen, I am the only member of the unruly mob that is Canadian. Jurassic Pork is from Massachusetts, Jump is from Los Angeles, Kay is from Maine, Station Agent is from Florida (not, surprisingly, the south pole), and RevPhat lives in Ohio.