30 March 2007

208 Commission hears about single-payer

Colorado's 208 Commission, which like so many other state commissions is looking into healthcare reform, held its first batch of public hearings earlier this month. In Denver they heard "among the suggestions" about single-payer.

In fact, from what I've heard about the five statewide sessions, the commissioners heard overwhelmingly about single-payer — both from members of organizations and from private individuals. A lot of providers testified.

According to a post-election poll, it's Colorado's providers who are most aware of the crisis that healthcare is now in, most critical of the current system. Most people are OK, but with the ominous sense that they're not really safe, that their personal situation could go bad too easily. For now though, for most, the really bad things are happening to other people.

Don't wait until it's your child or brother or cousin or friend who has inadequate insurance or is uninsured. Don't wait.

It's time for Americans to change our idiotic system. Time for commissioners and citizens alike to go ahead and take a stand for common sense and the golden rule.

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