11 April 2007

Lack of health insurance = more strokes

A study out of Beth Israel Hospital, Harvard, and several other facilities has found that people without health insurance don't get routine physical exams and have increased rates of stroke and death. The researchers reported their findings in the April issue of the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

Imagine that. Wasn't it just last week that a couple of Cato anti-single-payer "experts" wrote in the LA Times that there was no connection between people's health and insurance? In which case, why buy insurance? Especially since, in the America that anti-single-payer folks live in, we already have universal healthcare. And black is white, peace is war, up is down, there were weapons of mass destruction, and Bush is our greatest president.

Who was it who said that everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but that no one is entitled to their own facts?

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