27 April 2007

Walking the talk

An angry woman not long ago demanded to know if Health Care for All Colorado's president, Dr. Elinor Christiansen, was a Medicare recipient, since Dr. Christiansen believes in a government solution to the U.S. healthcare crisis — as in so many other industrialized countries.

Of course, said Dr. Christiansen.

The exchange struck me as odd -- that this woman thought she was likely to score a point here, that she thought a 70-something retired physician wouldn't be signed up with Medicare.

Are there really a lot of seniors who decline Medicare? Even well-off seniors?

The other side of this coin comes in a letter to the editor today to Seacoast Online. Responding to someone who is against single-payer, Rich DiPentima writes, "Lastly, I assume since Mr. Brighton is so scared about putting his health care choices in the hands of a federal bureaucrat, that when he turns 65 he will decline Medicare and keep his ability to make his own choices with his private insurance overseer. Good luck and most importantly, good health."

Now that is a good question.

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