13 May 2007

Don McCanne's quote of the day

Don McCanne, former president of Physicians for a National Health Program, has a list he calls the healthcare quote of the day.

A couple people forwarded this one to me. In it, Don has cited a new CNN poll (pdf) with this question:

30. Do you think the government should provide a national health
insurance program for all Americans, even if this would require
higher taxes?

64% - Yes
35% - No
2% - No opinion

Don doesn't just leave his readers with one item to think about — he also quotes Catholic Healthcare West's study on Health Security in America (May 9, 2007, also a pdf), in which respondents said:

The time has come for universal healthcare in America. (72%)

We need universal healthcare in America, even if it means
increasing taxes. (63%)

Don writes, "If these poll numbers were cast at the ballot box, this
would constitute a clear mandate from the American public. So why do
we keep hearing that national health insurance is not politically

The answer may be because those poll numbers have been the same for decades. They fall pretty easily, with just a few million dollars worth of well-planned propaganda. Americans are easily scared. Politicians know it.

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