21 June 2007

Sicko for insurance lobbyists

It's all Sicko all the time here.

This is the funny one — just a sentence on Think Progress about Moore inviting about 900 health insurance lobbyists to a "Sicko" screening. A dozen showed.

Too many comments to read, but they're entertaining — and insightful:
Anybody else remember then second Democratic debate on MSNBC? Dennis Kucinich answered a question about his plan for health care. He said his plan is single payer, eliminate the insurance companies and not-for-profit. The audience erupted in cheers. Perhaps the loudest cheering of the night.

Anticipating all this Chris Matthews started to interrupt Kucinich even before he finished his answer. I know Matthews makes a career out of interrupting people but it was clear he didn’t want Kucinch stealing Hillary’s and Barack’s thunder.

God forbid anyone say on television “not-for-profit healthcare”. I think that phrase has been added to George Carlin’s list of seven words you can’t say on t.v.

Comment by Larry

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