29 August 2007

Kaiser disinformation about Colorado proposals

Kaiser's "daily reports" gives absolute misinformation, the opposite of the truth, on the Colorado health care reform proposals. If they weren't expert on this, I'd say it was a misunderstanding. But these guys know what they're doing. This therefore seems malicious.

They write, "The most expensive option would be the government-run single-payer plan, which would cost an estimated $26.6 billion annually."

That's in contrast with the $30 billion we now pay for health care in Colorado.

I wrote Kaiser:
Your daily report is inaccurate. Read the Lewin Group's report on the Colorado reform proposals. The single-payer option is the least expensive, not the most, as you state. One proposal would cost $595 million more; one $1.3 billion more; one $271 million more; and the single-payer program SAVES $1.4 billion.

SAVES! That's the opposite of what you wrote. Please correct this immediately.

This is from the Lewin report:
The Lewin Group Technical Assessment of Four Health Care Reform Proposals (Proof Report)
August 20, 2007 Prepared for: The Colorado Blue Ribbon Commission for Health Care Reform
BETTER HEALTH CARE FOR COLORADO - Provides care through a public program expansion and access to private insurance coverage with low-income subsidies through a Health Insurance Exchange. Individuals who purchase private coverage would have access to a limited core set of benefits, with premiums copays.
467,200 - number remaining uninsured $595 million - increase in health spending

SOLUTIONS FOR A HEALTHY COLORADO - Provides coverage to Colorado residents under a Core Limited Benefit Plan in the private sector and expands coverage under Medicaid and Child Health Plus (CHP+). Low-income people who are not be eligible for the government programs would receive a premium subsidy.
133,400 - number remaining uninsured $271 million - increase in health spending

A PLAN FOR COVERING COLORADO - Provides coverage to Coloradans through a public program expansion and a mandatory private pool for all residents not eligible for the public program. It provides a minimum benefits package in a private pool and premium assistance based on income for those who cannot afford insurance. All plans would provide a comprehensive minimum benefits package, and differ mainly on cost-sharing amounts.
106,500 - number remaining uninsured $1.3 billion - increase in health spending

COLORADO HEALTH SERVICES SINGLE PAYER PROGRAM - A single payer plan that would provide coverage to all residents of the state, including state and local workers, and residents currently covered under Medicare, Tricare, Veteran’s Health, Indian Health Services and Federal Health Benefits programs. Provides comprehensive health care benefits for all - benefits of the Colorado Medicaid benefits package plus
preventive dental. Consumers would have their choice of providers and hospitals within the state.
0 - number remaining uninsured $1.4 billion - decrease in health spending

How is that the most expensive program?

Write them too.

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