15 September 2007

Healthcare in Norway for conservatives

Merete Cunningham, a Health Care for All Colorado supporter, wrote earlier this week for the Fort Collins, Colorado, Coloradan about single-payer healthcare in Norway. Despite the drums of fear from the right, it doesn't sound too scary.

She wrote, "My parents (my mother was a Conservative member of the Norwegian Parliament) lived and died under this system. As they grew old, I could not ask for more humane and decent treatment, at no cost to them, and without the need to sell off their assets. They were able to leave their estate to their heirs while living in a state-run facility. This is what I would like to see here, because I know that it is possible if the profit motive is removed.

"When a for-profit company in the United States is in charge of your health care insurance, company and health care goals must clash. A company's dedication to maximize profits is in direct opposition to its claim to provide health care for its members.... They are doing a great job for their shareholders. However, they are doing a horrible job of providing our health care. Nobody should profit from illness and death."

The first comment was an anti, ranting on about something about Lasik eye surgery. Thank God for Lasik eye surgery. If it weren't for Lasik the right would have nothing to point to as an example of why the free market will save medicine in the U.S.


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