18 November 2007

Howie's rant!

Funny how these things work — Howie Wolf, MD, a longtime board member of Health Care for All Colorado, says he's not a writer, and I'm pretty sure he wrote this in a flush of annoyance (or rage!) last weekend, never expecting to get it published.

The Daily Camera, the publication of record for what the rest of Colorado calls the People's Republic of Boulder, did well to print it. He writes:
Thank you, President Bush.... As a family doctor with more than 45 years of experience working in our disjointed, unjust and inhumane health system, your endorsement of the status quo will surely help the efforts of those of us who are activists eager for major reform. The polls indicating that 65 percent to 70 percent of Americans favor a government-funded health-care system, plus the latest ABC News poll revealing diminished support for your leadership at a mere 20 percent gives me hope that again you are on the wrong side of an issue.
Bravo Howie! Keep writing!

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