28 December 2007

Hospitals & Fire Departments

Mark Harris at OpEd News writes an entertaining column on Fox News on "just how strained the conservative argument has become" on corporatized health care. Harris concludes:

"A CNN poll earlier this year found 64 percent of Americans thought it was the responsibility of the federal government to make sure the public has health coverage. Unfortunately, even the leading Democratic candidates favor keeping the insurance industry in the health-care loop. But this loop has become a noose hold for strangling the potential of the U.S. health care system. Paying for health care through competing private insurers, no matter how regulated, is just a bad system.

"If the local fire department belongs to the community, as Michael Moore asks in SiCKO, then why shouldn't the local hospital? It's a great question."

p.s. That's a photo of the face transplant operation done in France earlier this year. Another first for innovation and technology in a country with universal health care — tell me it isn't true, Laura!

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