28 December 2007

New AP Poll: 54 Percent of Americans for Single-Payer

This isn't going to get a lot of play unless we push it. So let's push: According to the AP, 54 percent of Americans favor single-payer. Wow. That looks pretty close to a tipping point to me. Here are some of the points:

  • Nearly two-thirds of voters polled said the United States should adopt a universal health insurance program "in which everyone is covered under a program like Medicare that is run by the government and financed by taxpayers"
  • 54 percent said they supported a single-payer system whereby all Americans would get their health insurance through a taxpayer-financed government plan
  • Six out of 10 said they believe it is at least somewhat likely that the U.S. economy will enter a recession next year
  • 64 percent are worried about a major unexpected medical expense
  • Only 37 percent say immigration is "an extremely important issue"

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