04 January 2008

Eliza Carney lauded

Eliza Carney is a major force at Health Care for All Colorado. She's got an amazing stamina and the skills to organize — she's built a great team of healthcare activists in Fort Collins, Colo. She's also smart and funny. So bravo to Cherry Sokoloski, editor of the North Forty News, for this feature on Eliza.

Sokoloski writes:
Her opinions about health-care systems were forged partially in New Zealand, where she and her husband, Jim, lived for a time. New Zealand has universal health care, with the government paying the bills.

"It was much more personal care," with a greater emphasis on wellness, Carney recalled.

Also, doctors did not push for unnecessary surgeries. Her husband had problems with his back while in New Zealand, and his doctor prescribed a body cast instead of surgery. The approach worked.

"We use far too many drugs and surgeries in this country," Carney stated.
Go Eliza!

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