21 January 2008

Jonik on the corporate web

John Jonik is a whole systems thinker. He's also a very good cartoonist. Turns out he can write as well.

We don't often think about the wider web around health insurance -- how it links to other industries and may even explain some of corporate America's allegiance to health insurance even though it demonstrably hurts their ability to compete globally.

We hope instead that business will decide that health insurance is "the weakest link" and fire it the same way Trump would do.

In "Private Insurance Is Bad for Your Health," Jonik suggests that the safety net for this inept and heartless industry may be stronger than we think.
Private insurers are invariably investors, with what was our health care money, in all sorts of industries, many of them being notorious for causing health problems.

We know, from SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) material, that top insurers have been or still are multi million dollar investors in cigarette manufacturing! They may also invest in tobacco pesticides and even the firms that supply carcinogenic radioactive (!) fertilizers to tobacco growers...not to mention chlorine interests that are responsible for presence of dioxin in the smoke from adulterated products, agricultural firms that supply pesticide-contaminated crop ingredients, paper/pulp, sugar, burn accelerants, and flavorings/sweeteners/aromas etc from pharmaceutical firms.
It's a good point. Jonik concludes, "The United States public is capable of taking care of its own health system, as citizens of other countries manage quite well, without the questionable 'help'...thanks anyway...from unnecessary, parasitic private insurers."


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