24 January 2008

Sarkisyans: Insurance Is Not Healthcare

The California Nurses report that the Sarkisyans testified yesterday against Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's ABX1.1 mandates bill. After their insured, 17-year-old daughter was denied a transplant, it's the Sarkisyans' experience that insurance isn't the same thing as health care.

How many of us must lose loved ones before this murderous industry is stopped?

How many families must become activists before our neighbors see that it could be them next time -- and act upon that understanding?

I've become a skipping dvd on this issue. The idea that forcing people to pay for-profit insurance companies is part of a solution to our health care crisis is like thinking that forcing shopkeepers to pay protection money to the Mafia is a solution to a crime wave. Which is what the health insurance industry is. A legalized crime wave.

Thank you to the Sarkisyans for taking their anger and grief and using it for good. It would be easier, and possibly more mentally healthy, to just forget about it. But how to save other 17-year-olds from the same fate, then? Thank you to the Sarkisyans.

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