22 January 2008

What! Innovation in Single-Payer Britain?

Also from Medical News Today, the inexplicable decision to locate a new research center in Manchester. That's Manchester, UK, not Manchester, MA.
MIMIT (Manchester: Integrating Medicine and Innovative Technology) - the first international affiliate of the highly successful [Boston] US centre CIMIT® - will draw together clinicians and scientists from a group of Greater Manchester hospitals, GP practices and the University of Manchester in major collaborations to apply the latest technology to clinical problems and transform healthcare in the UK...

"There are many similarities between the CIMIT® approach to innovation and the organisational components which comprise the bio-medical-engineering research cluster in Manchester," [said CIMIT® founder and Executive Director Dr John Parrish.] "I am looking forward to collaborating with our new colleagues."
Have these people not gotten the word? Single-payer ends innovation. Good grief.

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