06 February 2008

Are Mormons Christian?

Are Mormons Christians?

I've heard my favorite literate priest explain how come not, in theological terms, but it seems pretty academic, doesn't it? After all, as far as I can tell, most Christians aren’t Christians. That's something that becomes even more clear once you begin advocating for guaranteed health care.

It's a cliche but worth repeating: How many Christians today would have anything to do with Christ? Some outcast figure who surrounded himself with poor people, prostitutes, and tax collectors? Some guy who argued against wealth creation, who told people to leave it all behind, and go follow him to some commune or something! The megachurch and born-agains think they’d know Jesus, but I have yet to be convinced.

The thing is, see, Jesus wouldn't have that halo -- the kind Bush sometimes wears. Karl Rove, the master, realized that if you put your guy in front of a circular, golden image, and then told the photogs where they could shoot from, you’d be sure to end up with a couple halo shots. Put that together with the fact that Bush himself believes that God fixed it so he could be president, and of course that chat between him and God about invading Iraq, and voila. You've got some pretty strong indications that someone more powerful than Florida voters wanted this man to be our decider.

I talked with a woman a month ago who was just back from missionary work in the Philippines. She believed that Bush was president because of divine providence. She thinks it might have been in order to make things so bad we'd all wake up.

Thanks, God. Back atcha.

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