03 March 2008

Health care rally at Denver capitol

The AP had interesting coverage of the rally today.
Dozens rally for health care at state Capitol

Associated Press - March 3, 2008 4:34 PM ET

DENVER (AP) - Health-care advocates are asking Colorado lawmakers not to wait for the federal government to find a way to insure 790,000 residents who don't have coverage.

Dozens of people rallied at the Capitol Monday urging the Legislature to act.

Governor Bill Ritter has made health coverage a priority but is rejecting demands to support a single-payer plan.

He says Colorado needs a slower approach that is affordable and that helps control costs.

Ritter's initial $25 million plan would cover about a quarter Colorado's uninsured residents.

The plan calls for expanding children's health coverage, creating a center for improving value in health care and helping consumers find the best insurance.
Ritter's plan won't cover a quarter of Colorado's uninsured.

I didn't hear demands for him to support single-payer, and I didn't hear him reject single-payer.

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