16 June 2009

Public Option Good Politics

Robert Creamer has an article at Huffington Post on Four Reasons Why Giving Consumers Is Great Politics.http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif
He cites the popularity of such a program:
In a poll taken earlier this year by Lake Research, 73% of respondents favored a health plan that gives them the choice between a private plan or a public health insurance plan. Only 15% preferred to have only the choice of a private plan. And the preference for a choice between public and private health insurance plans extends across all demographic and partisan groups, including Democrats (77%), Independents (79%) and Republicans (63%).
According to an NPR report, "Republicans argue that upward of 100 million Americans would opt out of private insurance in favor of a public plan if such a plan were available."

And yet the story is being spun that Congress would never pass such a thing. Haven't we gotten to the point where nearly everyone understands that our healthcare system sucks, that other countries do it better, and that they do it better because there's a government guarantee of healthcare?

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