09 July 2009

Public not so keen on the Public Option

People really do have an amazing font of ability when it comes to ignorance.

Once you understand something - like, for instance, that single-payer health care works, or that the U.S. is the only country in the world to allow private industry to act like racketeers in regard to citizens' health - there's often a sense of surprise that other people still don't get it.

Really? You don't get that? That the earth orbits the sun? That the moon orbits the earth? You weren't aware of that?

On the radio this morning comes a segment about Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-CO), who is educating folks on the public option. (Thanks Ed - you're leading. It's appreciated.)

He invited some 5,000 of his Colorado constituents to chat with him about health care and the public option. He invited people who get his newsletter, presumably slanting Democratic, and then people randomly selected from his district. Questions at the chat included one guy noting that it's just common sense that if you cover everyone it must cost more, so how can single-payer proponents claim otherwise?

A poll on whether people were in favor of the public option found 54 percent against.

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