07 January 2007

No Insurance for Arnold Q

So here's a guy, 59 years old, who wants to leave his old job — he's pretty sure he can make it big in politics; he's an entrepreneur, see...
But he'll need health insurance. He smokes cigars now and then. He had some heart surgery 10 years back. He skis...
Arnie S. had better stick with the same old — he'd never get insurance. That's Patt Morrison's point in It's Enough To Make You Sick.
The shot is from the California governor's webpage inviting citizens to "Send an email to Monday's Health Care Q&A now!"
That's tomorrow, so send a question now. How about:
"I agree that all children in California should have healthcare. But wouldn't it be better to insure their moms and dads too? You and the California legislature could do it. Why not save lives and money by doing the right thing?"

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