07 January 2007

CA's OneCare video

Here’s a nice three-minute video on YouTube about California OneCare, California state senator Shiela Kuehl’s single-payer plan for California. It does a good job of clarifying why we don't need to reinvent the wheel. Single-payer works. From the video:
Every other nation in the developed world shares the cost of healthcare among all its citizens. By sharing the risk, their governments are able to provide universal health coverage to everyone. To do this, all developed countries use some form of a single-payer system. That means that there is one health insurance agency. Everyone pays into this agency and all payments are made from that agency to healthcare providers.
“That’s why I introduced a bill in the state senate for universal health insurance in California. It would work through a single-payer system and still save money for families and businesses and for the state.”
How is this possible? By eliminating the money wasted on private health insurance. That 30 percent of premiums that goes to administrative costs amounts to $20 billion a year in California. More than enough to provide comprehensive health coverage to all uninsured residents in the state.
The premiums businesses and families have been paying for unfair and inadequate insurance will be replaced by lower single-payer premiums that will provide comprehensive insurance. The system that Senator Kuehl has proposed is a single health insurance system, not a government-run medical system. The doctors, hospitals, labs and other providers won’t be owned by the state, but will continue to operate as independent firms, just as they do now.
That's from the three-minute preview of a 22-minute OneCare video, also on YouTube.
OneCareNow.org is the organization pushing this. Especially if you're a Californian, take a look at their website and learn about Senate Bill 840; tell your healthcare story; and get involved.
If you're not a Californian, still give them money. Kuehl has been heroic on this issue, as has Oregon's former governor Kitzhaber. California and Oregon have the best chance of passing a single-payer U.S. prototype. This effort needs to be duplicated in other states until our legislators get the message. The American people are way ahead of the politicians on this.

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