27 June 2007

17-29-year-olds favor single-payer

The New York Times today reported that poll results show that 62 percent of young people between the ages of 17 and 29 prefer a single-payer system over what we now have. The question was explicit:

Which do you think would be better for the country: 1. Having one health insurance program covering all Americans that would be administered by the government and paid for by taxpayers, OR 2. Keeping the current system where many people get their insurance from private employers and some have no insurance.

Shame on the general public: only 47 percent answered single-payer. However, the conversation is just now starting.

You can read more about it at the New York Times and, once that's blocked, here, at the Scientific Activist. The Scientific Activist links to the pdf that gives the full results of the poll.

I'd give this one caveat. Young people have a dog in this fight. It's their future, and their children's future just as much as it is mine and all the retirees who founded Health Care for All Colorado. Young adults can be incredibly courageous, idealistic and smart. I can't think of a single social movement that succeeded without their leadership. That said, they can also be, ummm — scattered. Easily distracted. This has nothing to do with TV or video, it was ever thus.

College-age and other young adults must see that this is the anti-slavery battle of our time; the civil rights battle that will make America better. "SiCKO" will help.

Yes, Iraq is the Vietnam of our time, and Bushie is the Nixon of our era — but healthcare is the social justice issue that needs passion and persevereance to right.

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