28 June 2007

PDA for single-payer healthcare

The Progressive Democrats of America have a great story up on their website about last Sunday's rally for single-payer universal healthcare.
“We spend hundreds of billions of dollars on this war, so don’t ever tell me we don’t have the money!” Michael Moore told a cheering crowd on the steps of the Capitol building in Denver. His speech was the climax of a Health Care for All Colorado rally which began with Colorado PDA speakers Evi Klett and Steve Wangh and included Michael Huttner of Progress Now, Nathan Wilkes of Health Care for All Colorado and Donna Smith, who appears in Moore’s new film, SiCKO.
That story also quotes Colorado Democratic Party Vice Chair Dan Slater’s newsletter, where he told readers his position on single-payer universal healthcare:
I'm sold.

I'm sold in large part because I was lucky enough to snag tickets to the local premiere of SiCKO, Moore's new documentary about the health care system in America, last night. The movie makes sense, and it leaves you outraged at what has happened to America. I really, really, really encourage each of you to take time to see it. It smashes the right-wing talking points about universal health care into shards, and it does so with a wonderful sense of humor. One talking point we always hear is how expensive universal health care would be. A British member of Parliament really nailed it on the head in the movie:

"If we can find money to kill people, then surely we can find money to heal people."

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