16 August 2007

Faith and single-payer healthcare

Donna Smith, the editor who with her husband Larry was featured in "Sicko," has a new piece in The Black Commentator. It's Part 26 (!) in their series on single-payer healthcare. Donna writes:
Is universal health care the right and moral thing to do? Are we who reside in faith communities within our churches and our communities called to action on this issue? Will we cast off all the things we have accumulated and follow what we have been taught to follow, in the face of this battle on behalf of those who cannot join the fray? Or will the vast majority of us remain silent, as we have over the past 30 years, giving our power and our presence over to those who express only the narrowest of Godly intentions?
Donna also writes that "This health crisis cannot be prayed away."

It's a great piece, ending with a call to action: write or call or set up a visit with your representative to thank them for co-sponsoring HR 676 if they have, or to urge them to do so if they haven't.

Go to Healthcare-NOW to see where your legislator stands.

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