16 August 2007

HCAC vs. Ave Cassandra

I'm taking another go at Ave Cassandra, hoping to find a way to balance the work I do for Health Care for All Colorado and this blog — oh, and my family. Sorry, family. Being program administrator for HCAC is stretching me to my limit — the organization is doing great, and there's enough work for half a dozen staff people.

Good grief, between Health Care for All Colorado and HCAC Foundation you could give a couple dozen people enough meaningful and crucial work to fill their days. HCAC and HCACF volunteers fill a lot of the gap, but a lot of essential work simply does not get done. If single-payer had adequate funding, just a couple years of adequate funding for education, outreach and lobbying!, we'd have single-payer. No doubt about it.

I'm thankful to have one of probably a dozen or so paid jobs in single-payer advocacy and education in the country. I'm working on delegation and prioritizing skills.

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