07 January 2008

208 Commission analysis at PNHP

HCAC board member Michele Swenson has an analysis of what's missing from the 208 Commission's final report at the Physicians for a National Health Program website. Michele writes:
The 208 Commission Recommendations fail to address:
  • Rising cost of health insurance premiums (82% increase in 6 years in Colorado), as well as copays, deductibles and prescriptions
  • The U.S. fragmented commercial health insurance system that siphons more than 20 percent of health care dollars to profits, exorbitant CEO salaries, etc. and duplicative layers of administrative waste.
  • A greater than doubling of median family income spent on health insurance: 7.7% in 1987 to 19% in 2005
  • As premium costs continue to increase, coverage has decreased: “Insurance does not equal health care.”
This is an excellent analysis, really recommended for Colorado bloggers and journalists who want to understand the issue.

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