07 January 2008

Colorado Democratic Party Platform on Health: Already Single-Payer

HCAC is working to get the words "single-payer" into the platform, but Colorado Dems do already have single-payer in the party platform. The bold, by the way, is in the original document.


In the United States, as a matter of social justice, we support a quality universal health care system not tied to employment, as a basic right of all citizens. The health of our citizens is essential to the health of our nation. We support:
  • financing through one agency (public or quasi-public) that pays the medical providers for the care they deliver, including prescription drugs;
  • patient choice of medical service providers and returning medical decisions to the patient and medical service provider;
  • reduction of administrative cost and strong cost-containment programs involving input from those who use the system and which cause no significant harm;
  • emphasis on prenatal and postnatal maternal care and complete health care for children;
  • health care that is no longer tied to employer health insurance coverage;
  • an emphasis on preventative health care including for those with disabilities and chronic illnesses;
  • increased funding and accountability for mental health care; government funded providers should have users of services on their staff and governing boards;
  • educating the public about scientifically sound policies regarding STDS/HIV/AIDS and comprehensive programs for their research, prevention, and treatment;
  • increasing availability of hospice care, and home and community based services that address the needs of all, including people with all levels of disabilities of any age;
  • providing for the long-term solvency of Medicare;
  • increasing availability of shelters and programs for victims of domestic violence;
  • federally-funded research and investigation involving stem cells for the purpose of seeking treatments and cures for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, diseases of the nervous system and renal failure; and
  • use of medical cannabis prescribed for a patient by a physician.

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