26 May 2008

Put a Doctor in the House!

Rocky White, M.D., has a website up regarding his run for Colorado House District 62. Rocky's website looks great - single-payer-financed healthcare is front and center. He writes:
I believe in a single risk pool for everyone in Colorado so that everyone shares in the expense of our health care system according to their ability to pay. I believe that every resident should have equal access to a defined benefits package that ensures a minimum standard of health and welfare for all. I believe that everyone should have a certain degree of personal responsibility for their own health care and that the burden of health care financing should not rest exclusively on the back of business.
The transcript from Amy Goodman's show with Rocky is at Alternet, titled, "Evangelical Doctor Touts Better Health Care Plan Than Clinton, Obama."

Rocky got a brief mention in the Denver Post article on the Democratic State Convention:
One of the few surprises of the weekend was the upset of Rep. Rafael Gallegos, D-Antonito, who was seeking a third term in the House.

Gallegos' own District 62 assembly swept him out, picking Rocky White, a doctor from Alamosa, to be on the ballot. The district covers eight counties in south-central Colorado in an area that includes the San Luis Valley.

White attributed his victory to being well-known in the valley and "just campaigning like crazy."

Gallegos, who received 14 votes, and Ed Vigil, another candidate seeking the seat who received 12 votes, can still petition to get on the ballot.


Doug Bremner said...

here is a plan for reforming America's healthcare system, one state at a time (starting in my home state of Georgia).


Doug Bremner said...

Plan for healthcare reform, one state at a time.