21 June 2011

Ave Cassandra Is Back

Back in 2007 or 2008, a marvelous guy running for state representative here in Colorado sat down and talked with me about universal health care. Joe Miklosi is a smart progressive who already knew that the U.S. system is fatally dysfunctional. So I was preaching to the choir.

But at the end of our talk, he did something no one else had. He gently touched my arm and asked me if I was taking care of myself - or if I was reopening a wound every time I shared my brother's story. Hmm. I assured him that working for health care reform was my way of working through my grief - so that no one else would have to lose someone the way we had, etc.

Hmm. In fact, I was pouring salt in the wound on a daily basis. As it turns out, I'm also very bad at organizing and activism. You have to be well organized and optimistic to be good at activism!

So I quit. And now I'm back, but just at Ave Cassandra, not at Health Care for All Colorado, a great group of activists but not for me. I'm not going to post every day, and no more salt, no more activism. I'm just going to pay a bit of attention again. And share the good stuff. And continue to urge my adult children to emigrate to a country with social policies that demonstrate concern for community, including people who are sick. WWJD and all that.

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