21 June 2011

Second Amendment Health Care

Richard Verone had a growth in his chest, ruptured disks, and no health care. Typical 59-year-old American. Not the majority, but typical. He figured his care might take three years. So he robbed a bank.

Not so that he could get the cash to go to India for care, or to buy into the expensive insurance for folks with pre-existing conditions. Both of those options might cost more than the bank even had on hand, and besides, someone might get hurt. Think it through: all kinds of things could go wrong. Just the time in jail would do it, he figured. So he handed a note to the teller that demanded $1. The note said he was armed. Then he sat down and waited for the police.

The fly in the ointment is that, according to news reports, he's very likely to get just 12 months, not three years. He wasn't carrying a gun, so it's a lesser charge. Kind of unAmerican of him, now that I think about it. What - he's not in favor of the Second Amendment?

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