07 January 2008

Sarkisyans endorse Edwards

MSNBC reports on Nataline Sarkisyan's family endorsing Edwards today. The story is a truly crappy one, makes it sound as though it were a wee misunderstanding, that's all — about that transplant that Cigna denied, she was "was unable to get one despite being insured." So perhaps there just wasn't a liver available.

The reporter does, however, do a good job of making it very clear that the Sarkisyans sought out Edwards.

Despite that, there are a few predictable comments on Edwards being an ambulance chaser, exploiting, etc.

What's impressive, though, is the unpredictable fact that those comments are drowned out by other readers who defend Edwards, and get it spot-on right about who is the bad guy in this story. That would be the bully Cigna.

And remember, this story is in the mainstream media. These readers may be better informed than most Americans, but they're not the usual suspects.

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